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Patrick has a BAE from Kansas University and has been teaching art for almost 30 years.  He specializes in oil Portraits but will paint just about anything, including animals.  "Capturing the emotions in a person's face or gesture is what I feel can create a good portrait".  His influences range from Norman Rockwell, John Singer Sargent and NC Wyeth, to modern painters like Richard Schmidt and Jeremy Lipking.

You can commission a painting from Patrick. He primarily works from photographs.  He sometimes takes the photos himself and combines images to create the perfect pose or montage for the portrait or landscape. He sells his original paintings, as well as prints/merchandise. You can also book a workshop for you or with friends.

Patrick lives in Lawrence Ks. with his wife, Jacque, and has a son Jackson.  He currently works out of his studio "TRYPTICH ART STUDIOS" located at 9th and Delaware, Lawrence Ks.


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